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We had Parker of Starkill talk about the making of Gravity and so much more regarding the future!!!! Check out the interview below

How was the making of Gravity?

It was definitely a very long and very self-reflective process. This was by far the most hyper-critical of ourselves we’ve been, and I think it paid off.   This was the first album where we entered the writing phase as a five-piece band, which gave us lots of room to experiment with all the different vocal options, since Sarah, Tony, and I all sing AND scream. It was all about putting the right vocals over the right parts.
On top of that, after we knocked 30 or songs down to 12, we recorded them, sat on them for about a year, and then re-recorded them, because over that time you really learn whether or not a song is good or not, or needs tweaking.

Was there a preconceived Idea for this record or was stuff improvised?

The direction was pretty pre-planned. Shadow Sleep was a bit poppier, and while we were still aiming for these slamming, anthemic choruses, we wanted to go a bit more experimental and serious than we’ve gone before.  For me it’s a more emotional, serious album, and I think the lyrics and musicianship reflect that.

Is this a followup to your previous record or does this new album stand out in its own entity?

It’s definitely it’s own stand-alone album.

Did featuring members of Epica, Swallow the Sun, ect allow for newer elements to be brought on this album that you didn’t have before?

Oh absolutely.  Nobody in the band plays keys/piano beyond a tinkering level. We all see and think of music in terms of guitars. So when we show these guys songs, and they’re internalizing it in the form of 88 keys, we’re going to have new ideas and flavors that we would have literally never even conceived on our own.  It was like taking a gourmet dinner and instead of just pairing it with water, they wine-sommelier’d it perfectly. The key parts don’t sound forced or amateur because, well, they’re not. They’re expertly paired.

Playing with different bands, such as Epica, Moonspell, Ne Obliviscaris, and Dark Tranquility, have you noticed a different reaction depending on the tour you are on?

In general, no. I think most people “get” what Starkill is all about from the very first song, regardless of whom we are traveling with. I think our live game is very strong, and no matter what the crowd’s musical tastes are, they respond to the energy and delivery we put forth.

You guys have very heavy and melodic parts to your sound, is there anything that always comes first in the songwriting process?

Shaun and I are the main songwriters for the band.  I have a serious addiction to writing choruses, and Shaun is a much riffier kind of guy, so our songwriting process usually involves us each writing songs and leaving blanks where the other then goes back and fills in with their expertise.

What does the future hold for Starkill?

We’ll be babysitting this crowdfunding campaign for the next several weeks to make sure our new van situation is taken care of, and then we will be doing a string of dates with Canadian heavy metallers Skull Fist.  We’ve got some late summer fests in the books, and are working on locking down a midsummer tour so sync the official Gravity street release date on.
We’ve also got some special plans for some of our older material that will be getting some attention, but more on that will be announced later in the year.

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