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We had Andrea of Rosy Vista talk about the making of Unbelievable and so much more on HNY \m/ \m/ Check out the interview below:

1.)How was the making of Unbelievable? 

We had one big advantage over many other Bands: Anca Graterol the Guitar-Player, is owner of a recording Studio, so that we was able to had the time we want and need, to record the songs in “our time”. Anca is also mixing and producing everything on her owm. Advantage Rosy Vista:-). And in other words- We had so much fun in recording and e was full of the ” old Rosy Vista Magic” – our inner energy and love for the band.  

2.) Was this more of a fresh start to writing or simply picking up from the roots in the 80s?

We won´t change our music style from the 85th at all, the spirit remain the same … we only rearranged the Songs and put a new sound on it. Well, we had the luxury of TIME (over 30 Years :)))) to re-record the 5 tracks from our old EP“You better believe it” and as well 6 new ones. These 6 songs where Demos of the 80th, which was never released somewhere and which we loved so much, so that we where happy, to be able, to put them now on our album. 

3.) Is there a idea to writing you always start off with or is there improvising involved and things happen organically? 

It depends a little bit. Anca is a great componist and no one I know can arrange harmonies like her.  When we are together playing, there is as well this organic thing, you speak of, lyrics and music/ Hooks, Riffs and so on come, when the time is right for them:-)

4.) Coming from Germany, how different has metal been now vs the 1980s?

Oh, not so different at all, we think. There are many great new and young bands – from russia, sweden, finnland and so on,  who plays a hard and heavy rhythm without being into this klischee- thing of hard and heavy- rock. They just plays with a lot of fun and has something to say. Thats may be a different between the 80th Heavy-Scene.

5.)Was there a specific reason you wanted to cover Born to be Wild over any other song?

Sure! We’ve heard it now for a hundred times, that this song was the worst, we could bring as a cover on the album. And what can we say…. we don’t give a shit on it. We love this song, cause it was our only Cover-Song and we were playing it on several motorbike- festivals in the 80th… all the hands was up- same as today. This song is really a nice memoir for us. We played it 1986 in front of 25.000 people in Lorelei/ Germany , together with Joe Cocker, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, and the audience loved it :-). 

6.) What does the future hold for Rosy Vista in the future in terms of music and performances? 

We are looking for playing “a lot of festivals” and as well Gigs in smaler and bigger halls or other locations around Germany and Europe. May be as well in the USA .. In the moment we prepared für some gigs together with “Citron”- a big Rock-Legend in Czech Republic. We played so many festivals and concerts together with them in the mid of the 80th in Germany and as well in die old comunism Tschechoslowakei. They invited uns für some concerts now in April. We are very exited for everything, what will happen in the future. We can say one thing for a 100% sure : we will not leave the stage any more for the next years and will play live as much as we can. We will record as well a new album in the next future. We are back and will not leave until we have nothing more to say. And this is a lot:-). 

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