Spotlights: Music for your dreams and nightmares

Spotlights have been on an absolute role for the past couple of years. From an Epic tour in 2016 with Deftones, to a super long tour with Melvins, followed by tours with Igorrr, Quicksand, Glassjaw, and Pallbearer, Spotlights with their signature sound appeals to all sides of heavy music.

Last year they completely reinvented the classic by The Cure, Hanging by Faith, which was a sign that great things were to come following their epic 2017 release, Seismic. Now they have given us a taste with their first single off their brand new album, The Age of Decay.

Spotlights has been labeled on the sludge side of metal, which is fairly appropriate if you need to put them somewhere on the periodic table of metal sub-genres, but Spotlights is a band with many different sounds. Not only do they have the eerie side that can constantly leave any listener completely on their toes and looking over their shoulders, they have a mesmerizing side that will sedate any listener into this harrowing madness. Spotlights is basically, music for your dreams and nightmares, heaven and hell, moments of victory or moments of despair. With the harmonizing vocals of Mario and Sarah Quintero, and utilization of many different sounds that create a soothing environment, to their distorted and muffled, sludgy guitar sound, as well as the brutal percussion done by Chris Enriquez, Spotlights is able to further demonstrate the beautiful, the ugly, the sensitive and the aggressive side of metal.

Some will call this Sludge, some will label this Shoegaze, some will label it modern rock, I simply label this one thing and that is good.

Spotlights will be releasesing their new album Love & Decay April 26th via Ipecac Records

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