Subsignal talks about their new album

We recently conducted a written interview Subsignal about their newest record, La Muerta. Interview can be seen below!


        1.)How was the recording of La Muerta ?


The whole recording process was pretty easy. This time we didn’t have any pressure concerning a deadline. So it was a very relaxing time. Of cours with a lot of work and discussions.


2.)It is interesting that with this record that there are songs that range between 1 minute and 7 and a half minutes. How do you know when a song is finished?


Tough question! But over the years you develop an instinct for the right moment. At some point you simply have to say: it is enough. As for the instrumental opener of the album, ‘271 days’, I knew that this is going to be an intro and I set a limit of about 60 seconds. That is a challenge because you have to say something in a short period of time, something that is strong enough to make a statement and strong enough to grab the listerner’s attention.


3.)Is there a formula that Subsignal follows in the songwriting process, or do you let things just happen?


We just let things happen. We don’t have a masterplan when we go into the song writing process for an album. Most of the things happen naturally. Once an album is finished, I simply keep on writing. That’s what I always do. And the interesting thing is that the new songs always sound different to the album that came before. I have no explanation for that. Maybe it is something that happens unconsciously. Maybe an instance in my mind says: create something, but do it differently this time ????


   4.)Was there a idea for La Muerta before, or was there improvising involved?


There was no concept for La Muerta. And it is definitely not a concept album. We tried to focus on each song. Each song telling a different story concerning the lyrics and concerning the music. Of course, when you are in the studio you want to have some space for ideas. And that’s when you start improvising, not only with your instrument but also with the sound. I think every album needs a special sound design. And that is the most exciting thing about working in the studio. We were lucky to have a fantastic production team with Kalle Wallner and Yogi Lang. Their ideas and contributions for the album were amazing.


  5.)There is elements of progressive music, elements of rock, heavier moments and so much more, was it easy to experiment and try new things with this record?

I think we didn’t experiment that much concerning the song writing. As I mentioned before, we started writing like we always did, with no plan and no certain direction. To me, the song writing didn’t differ to any other Subsignal album. The main difference is the production which had a lot of impact on the whole picture of the album. I mean, we tried to avoid that huge wall of sound that we had before on ‘the becons of somewhere sometime’-album. We focussed on details, even in the guitar production. There is so much going on that you won’t be able to hear on first listen. But if you take the time, put on your headphones and listen carefully, you can hear all of the little production details. I think Kalle and especially Yogi, who is responsible for the mix, did a fantastic job.



  6.)Any tours/shows planned for Subsignal?


Yes, we will start in October in Germany and Austria. This will be the first leg of the ‘La Muerta’-tour. But there is more to come. We are planning shows next Spring in Belgium, Holland and France… And there are also some rumours that Subsignal will return to the USA next year. Fingers crossed.


Subsignal’s new album La Muerta was released May 25th 2018 via Gentle Art of Music. Pick it up NOW!!! \m/ \m/

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