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We recently conducted a written interview with German Rockers Kissin’ Dynamite about their new record, the song writing process and so much more!


  • How was the recording of Ecstasy?

The recording of Ecstasy took place in Flensburg at Elephant Music Studios. I produced the majority of the songs by myself and the team Elephant produced 4 tracks together with me.

Since we are a band that actually writes in the studio you can never quite say when the producing process has started but all in all I would say that we spent one year for writing, producing and mixing the whole album. It was great fun! 🙂

  • The album has a great classic rock/throwback sound, was that an idea you guys always had?

I wouldn’t call it an „idea“, but you are right! 🙂 We have always loved that kind of music coming from the 80ies. Still my favorite bands are Scorpions, Bon Jovi, Guns´nRoses etc! Our big dream has always been to become rockstars such as our heroes. We somehow fulfilled our wish although the big times of rock are over. But we don’t care. In the first place we do music for ourselves! 🙂

  • Some songs are down and dirty rock (Breaking the Silence, Wage War) while others are more on the sensitive side (Heart of Stone), was a certain emotion felt depending on the song being written or was their a consistent emotion throughout writing this entire record

To write an album is always a journey, not quite a destination. So of course you feel different all the time. We wrote Ive Got The Fire because we wanted to express our feel good attitude, but also sometimes you get reminded that not everything is so positive in our world. „Heart Of Stone“ for example is about a very person, that just tries to hide all the inner negativity and desperation with a permanent smile. But this will never end good. I think everybody knows such a person…


  • How is the German metal scene in today’s day in age? With bands such as Rammstein, Kreator, Destruction and more, it seems like it’s a great country to start a metal band.

Of course Germany has a lot of great metal and rock bands, but the music market here is pretty similar to elsewhere. Mainstream pop and Hip Hop is very popular over here. Rock and metal is just a niche. But hey, if you want to start a metal band you should do it, no matter where you live.


  • In the song writing process, how does a song develop, does it start with guitar, a vocal concept, a rhythm?

Most of the times it starts either with a catchy melody line or a lyrical phrase that gives the core idea. The first thing is actually always the chorus. Because it´s the most important part for a good song. If we don’t have a good chorus, we don’t waste time on anything else.


  • Touring plans for the future of Ecstasy?

Of course! 🙂

This fall we hit Europe together with Powerwolf and Amaranthe. Were looking very forward to that! Next year we will probably do a headliner tour as well, but we will see! 🙂


Kissin’ Dynamite’s album Ecstasy will be available to the public July 6th 2018 via Metalblade Records.

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