Interview with Benji Webbe of Skindred

We had the honor of conducting a written interview with Benji Webbe of Skindred. Check out the questions and answers below! \m/

1.) How was the recording of Big Tings?

We had 4 weeks to record BIG TINGS in two of the best recording studios in the UK.
1st we went to Peter Gabriel’s studio in England Real World in Bath, to record most of the drums bass and guitar, this place is a step above most studios we have recorded in, next we went to the amazing studio named Rockfield in wales, where I cut all the vocals, this album was different from the previous albums that we have written as a lot of the lyrics and melody’s were written by our guitarist Mikey, I found it difficult at first dealing with singing the songs as I’ve always been the main lyric and melody writer but a great song is a great song and the producer was sold on a lot of the things Mikey had written after all we are a band and it’s all from us, I was comforted by the fact that one of my favourite bands Queen wrote this way, and if it’s good enough for Queen it’s good enough for Skindred, and looking back now I realise that this way of writing was new to me but it really has help us record our best album to date..

2.) Was this Big Tings intended to be a follow up record to Volume or was this record meant to stand out in its own entity?

It’s all about the power of the songs , we never wanted do a follow up album to Volume, every album we do is meant to stand up on its own and in its own unique way.

3.)Skindred combines so many styles together from metal, to rock to reggae, is there a style that always comes before others?

As musician we don’t see different styles to be honest we see that the common thread in all the styles you mention is attitude, weather it’s Jamacain style vocals or hardcore punk! The thing that binds all that we use in a tune is the rebel yell the attitude and the delivery and we find that energy in all sorts of music! We just pic the power and use it.

4.) Being that there are so many genres combined in one with the style of Skindred, does that help make experimentation easier?

We ain’t experimenting we are just drawing on the best of everything! We believe that we will use anything necessary to make a crowd rock! People just love to dance and that’s what we aim to do , as a live act we want to get the whole place united and feeling as one.

5.) Coming from the Welsh metal scene, the same home as bands such as Bullet for my Valentine and While she Sleeps, is it easy to get involved in a scene there, or did you have to step outside of Newport to spread the word about Skindred?

You can’t stay home and play in a scene, you have to step out and play as much as possible anywhere in order to get your name about, support shows anywhere and as much as you can, nobody ain’t coming to see you in your own town so you have to get in the van and rock as often as you can to promote your band.

6.) You recently collaborated with Sumo Cyco’s song ,“Move Mountains”. We had the privilege of interviewing Skye last month. She mentioned how you guys were such a musical inspiration for her. Did working with a younger artist inspire you in a way?

I do enjoy getting on other acts tunes, especially when they draw on the same musical genre’s as us! It’s nice to know that there are bands out there being inspired by your sound! I find that the greatest honor a band can get. It actually show’s us that we are still relevant after all these years of being in Skindred.

7.) You have collaborated with many artists such as Soulfly and Bullet for my Valentine. When working with different artists, do you have to adjust your vocal style to their music or do they want you to bring your own mix to their music?

Every time I have been asked to perform on a song, the artist wants me to do what I do because of my vocal originality, I never have to compromised vocally! People want my vocal ting on there track to be honest.

8.) Does collaborating with different artists help the influence of Skindred?

No not really we are in our lane and we do what we do

9.) Your music has both a dark and heavy side but also a very fun side as well, is their a certain emotion that you are feeling when playing your music.

We feel all emotions, every song is independent and is born lyrically from life experiences, skindred are about pushing things forward and uniting the World musically!

10.) What does the future hold for Skindred in terms of touring?

As much as possible we play Tour and promote! that’s how you do it, like a old school bible sales man, we will do this door to door if we have to.. the Dred must be heard

Skindred’s new album Big Tings came out April 27th 2018 via Napalm Records! Pick it up NOW\m/ \m/

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