Former Sworn Enemy Drummer Paulie “No Neck” Antignani Passes Away

Former Sworn Enemy drummer Paulie “No Neck” Antignani has passed away 1/9/18. The cause of death remains unknown. Paulie was in Sworn Enemy from 2002 to 2008. Sworn enemy has been one of the many leading figures in New York’s Hardcore movement along with Madball, Merauder, Agnostic Front and more. Many people including Shadows Fall and Overcast frontman Brian Fair have expressed their condolences. A gofundme was set up to support his family. The link is attached below. Sworn Enemy will be playing at Blackthorn 51 with Ny death metal legends Dehumanized Saturday 1/13. We send love to his friends, family and former band mates at this time.


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