Jon Howard of Threat Signal discusses New Album

How has the recording for Disconnect been? Can fans expect a followup to previous records or is this meant to be something different?

The recording process for Disconnect was very relaxed actually. We chose a different method of recording this time around than the previous albums. Since we were very happy with how the demo songs had been turning out over the writing process, we made the decision to record the album in our own studios. Travis recorded his own parts in Utah, Matt recorded his parts in Vancouver, and I recorded the rest and put everything together at my studio in Hamilton Ontario. We were able to take our time and not be rushed under a clock or budget. We are VERY used to recording this way, so we thought why not make the album like this. Some of the music and vocals were actually taken from the demos we had already put together! Kinda cool to capture a feeling and vibe from something written years ago, then be able to use it on the album.

There was no thought process to how this album should sound, we basically did whatever the hell we wanted… For example, Travis wrote the song Walking Alone for his own solo project, however I heard the song and really wanted to put vocals on it, it turned into a Threat Signal tune! Then I had an acoustic song called Betrayal I wrote for myself that the guys ended up hearing, and thought it would be perfect for the album. This is a very diverse album and you will get a taste of every element from our previous releases and something more. Its a very mature album to me. We’ve learned a lot and have been through a lot, and it shows.

How different of a mind frame is it working with Threat Signal as opposed to Arkaea or Vise Versa?

Vise Versa I kinda just sit back and be the singer. I write the lyrics and melodies however all the music is written by the band, and I’m the singer. Arkaea I was a little more involved writing and putting songs together, but still wanted to remain just the singer. With Threat Signal I am very involved from writing, singing, booking, managing, artwork, etc…. So either way I put my heart into my vocals with whatever project I do, but Threat Signal is my number one, I got above and beyond for this band.

Take on the Canadian Metal scene?

From my experience its pretty fuckin badass. Since the country is so damn big, you have to drive hours and hours, but there is a love for metal in a lot of places here. Montreal has a badass metal scene, and lots of these major cities still have metal bars to hang out in and support the scene.

Working with Matt of Angel Maker and Christian of Powerflo (ex Fear Factory) allowed for newer elements in the new Threat Signal record?

Christian didn’t join up with us until we finished recording the album. Our long time bass player Pat Kavanagh played and wrote on the album and still works with us occasionally behind the scenes. Pat has always been a part of the Threat Signal sound and we wanted to keep it that way for this release as well. Matt added some great parts into the album on guitar. He’s got some tasty licks and solos on this bad boy! Really happy to have brought him into the band.

Future touring

Nothing planned as of yet. We are working to line up tours in the new year and push this album. It really deserves it!!

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