Decibel Magazine Tour 2019 Playstation Theater

The Decibel Magazine tour is more than just a tour, it is an event that showcases the heaviest, and greatest sides of metal. 2017 showcased the perfect bridge between thrash and death metal with bands such as Kreator and Obituary, 2018 had a fairly diverse lineup with Enslaved, Wolves in the Throne Room, Myrkyr and Khemmis. This year, Decibel created easily one of the most brutal tours of the year, if not, decade. Two death metal legends, Cannibal Corpse and Morbid Angel, as well as two newer death metal bands that prove that the genre is alive and breathing, Necrot and Blood Incantation. Add Immolation on some of those dates and you have a tour that will leave any venue in shambles by the end of the night.

Blood Incantation easily gained many new fans at Playstation Theater. Blood Incantation opened the set perfectly by showing their pure brutality that death metal is known for demonstrating, but also have a sense of melody behind them that gives you a chance to breathe and sit back and simply enjoy the music. They created an environment and atmosphere, which easily set the tone for what was to come of the night.

Next we get Necrot. After their Fall 2017 tour with The Black Dahlia Murder, many death metal fans were on board with these guys and now after their brutal show at Playstation Theater, there are even more on board. With their dark lights, you see three shadows demolishing the stage with their relentless and raw sound. They had a sense of mystery behind them but still managed to hit you square in the face. By having these two newer death metal bands to open this night of brutality up, it showed many old school death metal fans that the genre is just as great now as it was during its inception.

Next we get the Tampa death metal masters, Morbid Angel. It is always a dream for a band with a catalogue like Morbid Angel to go back in time and play some older classics. Many death metal fans dreams came true that night. When Steve Tucker said, “We are gonna keep going back in time” they kept their word. Plenty of newer stuff from their latest album, Kingdoms Distained, and kept diving in deeper and deeper into their catalogue. You saw many old school fans in the pit during their set and rightfully so.

At last, we get the kings of death metal themselves, Cannibal Corpse. Saying that their set was brutal is an understatement. First off, as many people know Erik Rutan of Hate Eternal filling in on guitars. He performed Pat’s parts to a T! He nailed each of the solos note for note. In addition, the setlist could not have been more perfect. 4 tracks of their newest album, Red Before Black as well as all the classics such as Stripped, Raped and Strangled and Hammer Smashed Face. Add Corpsegrinder’s signature Windmill Headbaning and you have yourself the ultimate Cannibal Corpse Show. You saw younger and older death metal fans in the pit completely turning the venue upside down. Security was busy that night catching bodies left and right. There was no standing in main floor. The whole floor turned into a warzone!

Decibel Magazine Tour 2019 hit the nail on the head for a brutal tour this year. Two new bands and two veterans that perfect the genre of Death Metal. This show was a 5 hour killing spree that left people limping away and the Playstation Theater into a smoldering crater. Death Metal is alive and breathing and this show at Playstation Theater is a testament to that.

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