The Contortionist: The Reimagined Tour 11/28

The Contortionist has been a band that has definitely grown over the past couple of years. Many fans have gotten on board when they were opening for Animals as Leaders and Between the Buried and Me in 2015. Back in the spring of 2016 I saw them headline the Gramercy Theater and it was a both a brutal and beautiful experience. They are a band that can spawn one of the most brutal moshpits and at the same time leave an audience in tears with their progressive and transfixing ballades. They are a band that can rock someone to sleep and scare someone to death at the same time.

With an already rapidly growing fan-base, even more people have gotten on board with their newest album Clairvoyant, which came out in 2017. Have both a progressive and an aggressive side, to tour with bands that are along the more aggressive side of the spectrum as well as bands on the more on the progressive side is nothing unusual, but earlier this year, they toured with Nothing More. Nothing More is a band that usually appeals to fans of Breaking Benjamin or Theory of a Dead Man, yet their fan-base continued to grow from that tour, further showing that they are a band that can appeal to any lover of aggressive music whether its Disturbed, Whitechappel, TesseracT, or Cannibal Corpse

On 11/28/18, at their show at The Music Hall of Williamsburg , with all the pressure on them for their headlining tour, I was wondering how different of an experience it would be since I last saw them in 2016. First of all, the line to the venue went around the block. Doors were not even open and yet many dedicated fans braced the cold for a night of beauty and brutality. Just 2 bands that appeal to everyone who was attending the show.



When Intervals took the stage, the venue was already packed. Being that The Contortionist has toured with bands such as Polyphia, Intervals was a great band to start the night. Being that they played an epic headlining tour earlier this year, they were definitely an opener that no one was going to want to miss to grab drinks. With their instrumental bliss of progressive music, I could not think of a better band to start the night off. This style of music is incredibly difficult to play, being that every note counts in this style and just a half step out of tune would be noticeable. This style along with Chon or Polyphia is metal music to dance to. Intervals could not have started things off on a higher note!




Next, we had the headliner, The Contortionist. The main thing that caught my attention during their set was that they did not hit the ground running. They actually started things off on a softer note and let the set build up. First three songs were rather tame and more on the progressive and sensitive side of The Contortionist. That being said, they still caught everyone’s attention with their tight sound and amazing lighting to go along with it. As the set progressed, the audience went from having a laid back listen to going all out in a brutal moshpit. The Contortionist would bring their more uncompromising side to shock everyone who was sedated by their softer songs. The same people I saw sitting back a watching the show like an epic movie would soon end up like a bull in a china shop. It was as iff the band and the audience entered a separate reality. This demonstrates that when you see The Contortionist, you will see so much in one night.


Just when you thought their set couldn’t be more diverse, they would take a quick intermission, only to come out and play some acoustic songs. I couldn’t believe this was the same band I saw in 2016 where I had to where a mouth-piece to the show and walked away with many bruises. They would do some amazing acoustic renditions of their songs as well as some covers, such as 1979 by The Smashing Pumpkins. I can say that I never saw that coming.


After I left the show, I asked myself one question, what is next for this band? They had people waving their lighters and cellphone lights one minute, and then spawned a violent pit the next minute. They had brutal progressive death metal songs, and an acoustic set. They toured with Between the Buried and Me, and they toured with Nothing More. The Contortionist is clearly a band that is not afraid to experiment in both their sound and their live setting. You can listen to Cannibal Corpse, or you can listen to Hinder and in the end you can still appreciate this band. Because of their experimental sound and live presence, this is a band you can see 100 times and it will be a different experience each time. This band is on fire now and there is a ton of gas left in the tank. With Clairvoyant hitting the 2 year old mark soon, I look forward to seeing what these guys come up with next.




Clairvoyant is out now Via Eone

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