Rising Pulse Records 10th Anniversary Shows 10/19 and 10/20


Rising Pulse Records 10th Anniversary Shows 10/19 and 10/20

To Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Rising Pulse Records, John Lamacchia went all out and then some. A two-day showcase at the Brooklyn Bazaar which showcased many awesome bands and many different types of bands. Not only were the bands diverse, but each night was a different vibe and experience.

Night one could not have started things off on a better note. Simplicity was definitely key with this night. There were two bands in the cellar of the Brooklyn Bazaar giving it that underground and family vibe. We also had MC Dälek DJing between sets the keep the music vibe flowing.


The first band was Pants Exploder. Despite the rather humorous name, this is a band that does not mess around. They are a 3 piece band that combines sludge metal and grind together. This is a band that is uncompromising with their heaviness and they will not give you much room to breathe. Them as well as MC Dälek had the crowd warmed up enough and ready for the headliner of night one which was Vaureen.


One extreme to the other would be an understatement. Having a Sludge/Grindcore band up and then Vaureen who has elements of Pink Floyd, Alanis Morissette and more behind their music. This was also their release show for their new LP, Extraterra. This album combines elements of prog, alternative and down right rock in their music. Having two bands completely different from each other on the same bill worked out perfectly. A heavy band for anyone to let off steam and then a more laid back band to sit back and enjoy a night of music to begin the weekend. An intimate night of music in the cellar of Brooklyn Bazaar.

Night 2 came and I don’t know where to start on how amazing the turnout was and how every band brought their A game. We were upstairs at Brooklyn Bazaar this time and just like the night before, every band had their own rules, stage presence and style.


First band up was the String quartet Seven)Suns. You might be thinking, “why have a string quartet opening a metal show?” Those people asking themselves this were completely sideswiped when they covered The Dillinger Escape Plan. This was an orchestra that people wanted to mosh to. Just like a group like Apocolyptica, the intensity that this string quartet brought with both their music and their stage presence made them just as metal as any of the other bands that were on the bill, which shows that classical music is just heavy metal before electricity.

Up next we had long running New York veterans, Locked in a Vacancy. While many people knew who these folks were going back into the Hard Core scene back in the day, I was the new kid on the block, discovering these guys for the first time when they opened for Bad Wolves, From Ashes to New and Diamante back in May of 2018. I was blown away then and I was just as blown away this time. Having elements of Hardcore, death metal, metalcore and more, Locked in a Vacancy were a full force relentless band that could not have been more appropriate to open for Candiria.


After a brutal performance, the show took an eerie turn when we had Netherlands take the stage. First off, their keyboardist Ava is the real MVP of the night, fore she was on stage with a broken leg and ended up playing behind one of those old school desks you would see in a school from the 1950’s. Props to her! Netherlands is a band where it is more than just the music, but the show. Netherlands has elements of Industrial, black metal, some stoner rock and more. With their unique style, they completely changed the environment of the venue with their interesting effects projected on the screen behind them, their makeup and stage presence. Netherlands is a band that can either sedate you with their effects and vibe, or scare you to death with their sound.

Up next is Recon. Being that Candiria was a band that cut their teeth in the New York City Hardcore movement, it is only appropriate to have a band with a classic hardcore vibe to it. Recon has both an old school and new school hardcore vibe to them. If you like Cro-mags, you can appreciate this band, if you like Code Orange you can appreciate this band as well. I also so many elements of dethcore behind their music with their down turned guitars and use of breakdowns. Thy Art is Murder was actually the first band I thought of the minute shit kicked in. These guys absolutely slayed and got the crowd perfectly warmed up for the headliner, Candiria.

Before Candiria took the stage, John Lamachia came on to thank everyone for coming out. Many people didn’t realize that their other guitarist Julio was absent from the event due to a family emergency. John said that they were very close to canceling the event due to this but they carried on as a 4-piece. Props to them for sticking it out. I don’t need to go too into depth on Candiria’s overall performance because if you know this band, you know that they did an absolutely killer job. Carly was energetic as all hell, John had to play the role of both his guitar parts and Julios and he did it quite well!! Mike and Danny kept everything together so well. I also do have to mention that the crowd took a very chaotic turn (as expected) because the pit opened up practically across the entire venue.

Both nights could not have been more successful. Because every bands on both nights were so different, every time a band when on stage, it was always interesting. Every band kept the crowd engaged and managed to get the crowd involved.


Candiria playing in NYC is more than a show, but its an event. These guys are hometown heroes so when they play at a place like Brooklyn Bazaar, a bigger venue like Gramercy Theater, or a basement, the crowd will react and the show will always be fun, interesting and chaotic.


Congrats to Rising Pulse records for 10 years, and here’s to 10 more .

Candiria’s latest album, While they Were Sleeping came out in the fall of 2016 via Metal Blade Records.

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