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  • Spectral Voices: A Bleack Existence

Spectral Voices: A Bleack Existence

While hardcore and death metal has definitely thrived in New York City, Spectral Voices brings all the elements that one would love in Scandinavian bands such as Soilwork, Amorphis, In Flames and more. With a voice that will sing you to sleep and scare you to death and guitars that make you mosh and then…

  • Ikillya: War For An Idea

Ikillya: War For An Idea

Ikillya’s latest record continue to provide the groove metal elements of Pantera and Lamb of God that we all know and love, with the touch of New York City hardcore with its amazing vocals and political content. These guys have opened up for awesome acts such as Goatwhore, Battlecross, Fear Factory and Soilwork. Just recently…

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The New York City Metal Scene has been exploding more than ever, despite gentrification and the closing of many venues. Awesome vibes and phenomenal experiences that came with attending shows and places like Duffs, Lucky 13 or St Vitus have served as an inspiration for my art and person. With that, I created Heavy New York to expose the NYC Rock/Metal Scene.